Author: Mike Costanzo

It’s not about me

It’s all about You Jesus, And all this is for You. For Your glory and Your fame. It’s not about me. As if you should do things my way. You alone are God, And I surrender to Your ways. From Jesus Lover of My Soul by Paul Oakley It’s not about me — this refrain has been echoing in our minds this past week.  Why are we moving overseas?  What do we hope to accomplish?  We need to constantly be reminded of our real purpose and goal — for the glory and fame of God! And we are seeing his provision for us in many ways.  We were getting anxious about being able to sell our cars in time for our big move.  God has been orchestrating buyers for them without a lot of stress and hassle!  Also, things are coming along really well with our packing.  The countdown is definitely ticking away.  We just counted up how many actual working days we have left to work on packing and organization — 7 days!  But it should be possible!...

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At last… Gospel peace!!!

So, today is my official last day of school; I graded my last test, and recorded the grades, and I’m about to drop them off and be all done with school. Man, do I feel great! What a moment. But, I don’t feel great for the reason that you probably expect. I don’t feel great just because I’m done with classes and exams and all of that. I feel great because I’m finally resting in Christ and living out Gospel peace. All week, I’ve been stressed to the max; I’ve been edgy and uptight and, not surprisingly, I have not been resting in Christ. The end result was an ugly week so full of sin that it’s a miracle I survived. So, what was wrong? What was keeping me from the peace that God calls me to seek and pursue? The answer is that I had been living under a burden of having to be perfect. I’ve lived my life this week assuming that I must do all the right things, and if I don’t, God will zap me . Practically what this meant was this: If I didn’t study perfectly, then I would fail one of my finals. If I failed one of my finals, I might fail the class. If I failed the class, then God would zap me by not allowing me and Jen to go to Japan....

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Final finals and the last big push

So close, and yet so far… That’s how I’m feeling right now about school. My graduation is just over 1 week away, and I’m in the midst of studying for my final finals right now. On the one hand, I’m stoked and excited; on the other, I do NOT want to be studying. It’s the last thing on my heart right now. I mean, can’t I just coast into the finish line??? Do I have to keep running??? I mean for cryin’ out loud, I’ve got my gown, cap, tassel, stole, and everything all ready to go; I’ve got a great job waiting for me in Japan (which I can’t wait to start!!!), I’ve got my diploma on order and probably being made as we speak; I’ve even got my Alumni Association card in my wallet!!! In my heart as well as in all these things I’ve moved on already. So what’s the deal with still having to study??? It’s not like I need to get good grades anymore or anything; I just need to make sure I don’t fail any of my classes. There is some motivation there, but I’m not at any risk of failing (I don’t believe). But on the other hand, it’s only five days until Wednesday (my final final). If I was able to work hard for five years, then I can put in...

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Graduation, Here I Come!

Three more weeks!!! Three more weeks!!! It’s May 1st, and that means that in three short weeks, I will be no longer be an undergraduate student, but a fully graduated alumnus of the University of Maryland. Incredible!!! It’s hard to believe, especially since I’ve been a student for the last 5 years. It’ll be quite the lifestyle change, that’s for sure. I’d better party now while I have the chance, eh??? 🙂 But even more than the lifestyle change, it’s going to be a mental and emotional change for me. This graduation represents my greatest victory yet, my life’s most significant accomplishment so far, so it’s definitely worth celebrating. And yet, it’s only the start of my life’s work. A good part of the foundation has just been laid, which is great. But there’s more foundation-work to be done. Only once that is fully accomplished can the true building begin. Of course, I would be a dunce and a fool if I did not give all the glory to God , who gives the runner his legs, the scholar his brain, and the worker his hands. He has equipped me and enabled me to succeed, so while the work was indeed mine, the glory is all His. Graduation may only be a crown of laurels, but it’s worth casting at His feet. He is worthy of all my crowns, all my glory. That’s the...

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