Highlights from our first week

by | Aug 23, 2006 | Day-to-Day, Holidays/Special Events

Wow, what a week this has been!!! This week we set up our new apartment, met our new co-workers, went to parties, attended a Japanese festival, walked all around town, gone shopping, had meetings with our employer, met the mayor, the Chairman of the Board of Education, and the chief of police… You name it, we’ve done it. Everything is new and exciting, and we’re lovin’ every minute of it! Life is fun!

Here are a few of the best pictures from our adventures…

Our apartment

Us in front of our brand-new apartment. The team really went all-out to make our place home-y and cozy from the get-go. Ironically, our refrigerator, our TV, and our bed are all waaaaay larger here in Japan than in America! Funny how things work out sometimes…

The Team

This picture was taken at our first all-together team meeting. These are wonderful people that we’re really enjoying getting to know!

The Team Again

Us in our formal wear before meeting the Chairman of the Board of Education. Don’t we all look dapper??? If only we could speak the kind of Japanese that befits such elegant appearances…

The Wakakusa Gakuen English teachers getting ready for the Dourounagashi festival (in which paper lanterns are floated down the river). The girls are all wearing  yukata and the boys are wearing jimbei. Lots of fun.

Us at the festival

A close-up of us at the festival. Nothing like takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and yakiika (roasted squid) to put a smile on your face! Yum….

Who knows what lies in store for us next? Maybe we’ll meet the Prime Minister and eat sea cucumber sushi on the Moon! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of… The Costanzo Family Adventures!!!



  1. karalaws
    You two look sooo happy!!!!
  2. bubblegumjapan
    Read your blog dropping in from Tuckersensei. Great to hear about your new life in Funehiki. You must be by the riverside near Shimizu grocery store. I have a fond memory of seeing an old guy take a whiz into the river from nearby there! Gambatte and good luck with everything!
  3. Horisensei

    …or get your picture put in the entire prefecture’s paper…moon…whatever ; )

    great pictures, by the way.  mind if i steal them from your sight?

  4. mikejencostanzo

    Holly — steal away… :0)

  5. mikesmama

    Very glad to hear you’re doing so well!  I’ve tried to send a note a couple of times, hope this one works……….  Love, hugs and prayers, Mom & Kelly

  6. mikesmama
    Very glad to hear you’re doing well!  I am so proud !  I’ve been trying to send a note on here for the past week and think I finally have created the proper account in the allotted time (I keep getting distracted you know).  Keep posting pictures and notes when you can – I check every single day.  I am sending a small package today but it is filled with lots of love. hugs and prayers.  Love, Mom
  7. bleejones
    welcome to funehiki… i’m a tad bit jealous.  savor every moment.  its something that will live in your heart forever.  do you have TWELVE teachers there now?!  wow.  that’s double from when i was there!!  the more the merrier!
  8. miershpedankl
    You guys get to wear your pajamas ALL OF THE TIME?!?!?! LUCKY!!