Jen’s Art Portfolio

A Story: Illustration

The ability of a picture to wordlessly tell a story of a thousand words is legendary. And for good reason. The perfect illustration can be just as haunting as a good film or a favorite novel. Lodging on the border of conscious thought for days on end as we puzzle over its depth and meaning. Some of my own illustrations have their stories already written. Many though, are still waiting. Even I confess to being haunted by my own paintings, as I seek to someday write their stories.

A Person: Portraiture

We all know the experience of looking at a hand-drawn portrait and thinking, “I can see some resemblance, but there’s still something missing.” It’s when an artist truly captures the likeness of their subject that something magical happens. The page or canvas echoes the essence of that person. To in some small way replicate God’s unique design in the face of a friend by rendering a faithful portrait is always joy to me.

A Place: Landscape & Still Life

Being an introvert, I sometimes crave “alone-time.” And when I’m alone, I become very aware of my surroundings. Place, location, ambience, all fascinate me. And physical location holds a mystery and magic that the imagination alone can unlock. oakley outlet In the very spot I now stand, what was happening 50 year ago? or 200 years? or 3000? Landscape, and on a smaller scale still life, seek to capture a snapshot of a moment in our time. The artifacts, the place as it is now, even the mood. And a time capsule for the future is created.