It’s not about me

It’s all about You Jesus,
And all this is for You.
For Your glory and Your fame.

It’s not about me.
As if you should do things my way.
You alone are God,
And I surrender to Your ways.

From Jesus Lover of My Soul by Paul Oakley

It’s not about me — this refrain has been echoing in our minds this past week.  Why are we moving overseas?  What do we hope to accomplish?  We need to constantly be reminded of our real purpose and goal — for the glory and fame of God!

And we are seeing his provision for us in many ways.  We were getting anxious about being able to sell our cars in time for our big move.  God has been orchestrating buyers for them without a lot of stress and hassle!  Also, things are coming along really well with our packing.  The countdown is definitely ticking away.  We just counted up how many actual working days we have left to work on packing and organization — 7 days!  But it should be possible!