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This is my Christmas gift for Grandmom.  Shhh… don’t tell!  She asked me to make her a set of handmade stationery.  I put together 20 cards for her & chose the theme for the stationery as being “Purple...

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Welcome to our home!

Welcome to our home! We’ve been promising for awhile that we’d give everyone a tour of our new little place, but it’s been pretty busy.  Jen’s finally settling into a new job, and Mike’s getting...

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Public Announcement from Jen

Jen is happy to announce that over the winter vacation, she didn’t gain a single pound or kilogram — Yay!!! (As a little note, I was a little nervous that with all our holiday gatherings and travellings, I would put...

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The Pea Little Thrigs

Yesterday evening was our first annual team talent show!  We saw everything from handstands, to opera, to interpretive dance!  There was even an impressive recitation of the entire periodic table of the elements by memory! One...

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Sabbath and Japan

This is such a controversial issue among Christians today.  I don’t want to get embroiled  in the controversy, but I can’t help but talk about some of the areas of contemplation my brain has stumbled across after...

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In Love With Sherlock

I‘ve always been a big fan of mysteries. I realized how much mysteries have been a part of my life just this morning, as I was thinking about being 33 years old.  I was hit by a wave of nostalgia that took me back to my...

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Recently, I rediscovered a favorite author of mine. I stumbled across her name in a magazine editorial, and it evoked memories of a powerful book I had read almost 15 years ago. The book was called “A Heart of...

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