Public Announcement from Jen

by | Jan 6, 2008 | Jen, Vacation

Jen is happy to announce that over the winter vacation, she didn’t gain a single pound or kilogram — Yay!!!

Pink Flower

(As a little note, I was a little nervous that with all our holiday gatherings and travellings, I would put on the pounds.  Now, all I have to do is practice moderation with all the gifts we received for Christmas and New Years…

butter popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, candied cashews, hard candy, hot cocoa, cake, cheese crackers, peppermint sticks, chocolate covered coffee beans, cheese-filled pretzels, chocolate jelly-roll …)

…just a little bit every day…



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  1. randy_and_tricia

    i don’t think I gained weight over the holidays either . . . not that it’s as much a good thing for me as you, all things considered.  I am very proud of you though, Jen.  Way to go!

    – Tricia