About Us

Reading Your Own Story

Imagine holding a copy of your own biography. As you skim the “Table of Contents,” you notice that each season of your life is identified by a title that captures the essential events or lessons learned during those particular months or years. Now imagine having to choose the title for the season you find yourself in now. This is maybe the most challenging task, since we often don’t see or understand the purpose of our current circumstances until they are far behind us.

What’s this chapter called?

As a couple, defining our own family’s story is much the same. Faced with big dreams, but saddled by reality, we find ourselves in one of those hard-to-name chapter of life. Call it “Learning to Raise Three Pre-schoolers,” “Settling in a New Hometown,” “Allowing God to Steer,” “Saying Goodbye to Old Dreams.”

Lots of Questions

We stand on the edge of so many defining moments for us as a family. What educational choices will we make for our children (now three energetic, wonderful boys, aged 4, 2 and 1)? What church and community opportunities will we get involved with? Will we ever become missionaries as we once dreamed? What are both God’s big-picture and his day-to-day small-scale plans for our life? Please keep us in your prayers, as we explore the next chapter that God has in store!