Mike’s New “Bring It On Down To The Downtown” Music Video

by | Apr 9, 2007 | Mike, Music, Video

Bring It On Down To The Downtown

I’m not exactly sure how to introduce this…

My latest art project is out, and whew boy, it’s unique. This is a side of me that no one (including me) has ever seen before. Trust me; you ain’t never seen anything like this.

Just go here to watch it:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94aPTOyxf5g   (Feel free to copy this link!)

Wonder what’s gonna be next…


  1. HiromiLynn
    Wow!  Was this your spring break project??  I am looking forward to your next video!  Go! Mike sensei!!
  2. RvL1978
    Wow. That’s all I can say.
  3. bubblegumjapan

    That’s amazing and hilarious (especially when Koriyama qualifies as “downtown”!).  Your video editing is really succint and professional; and that’s a catchy tune!  Have any of your kids seen that?  They would absolutely freak and you’d be the biggest celebrity Funehiki’s ever seen.  Keep it on bringin it!

  4. dubyaandm
    The lyrics of your song were so numerous that I’m having a hard time soaking them all up!  Truly funny!  🙂
  5. dubyaandm
    I’m speechless. Words just can’t say it.