Celebrating Christmas

by | Dec 17, 2006 | Cooking, Holidays/Special Events, Teaching


This afternoon, our house was filled with the sounds of kid’s laughter, and the smell of melted marshmallows.  Mike and I had my fourth grade students over for a Christmas party, and we kept them busy from start to finish.  We played “Pin-the-Star-on-the-Christmas-Tree,” sang about 5 different versions of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to Mike’s excellent guitar accompaniment, watched a short animated Christmas video, had a snacktime, and made an edible Christmas Wreath treat together.  We also had a Christmas story time, where we shared the true Biblical history behind the celebration of Christmas. 

Just as with the children who attended my first grade party last week, we realized that this may have been the first time some of these children have heard the real Christmas story.  Imagine trying to explain the concept of a “manger”, and then asking the children to guess the special gift from God in the manger.  One of my first grade students guessed “an egg?” and another guessed “a rock?” before someone finally said “a baby?”

I’m including footage from our Christmas treat making activity for fun.  This is something that I just learned how to make this Christmas, thanks in part to two different friends.  Thanks Jodia for idea to do this with my fourth graders, and thanks Lis for the recipe!


First, you stir 1/2 butter in a pan over low heat until it’s melted.

Mix, Mix, Mix...

Then, you count out 60 medium-sized marshmallows (or 30 large ones).  You dump them in the pan with the butter and stir over low heat until they’re completely melted.

Cookie Decorating Mayhem

Next, you remove the mixture from the heat, and stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla and some green foodcoloring.  Once this is mixed, add 4.5 cups of cornflakes and stir to integrate.

The Ingredients

Last, you form portions of the mixture into small wreath shapes, and decorate with little candies or red-hots.

Kids Making Wreaths

The finished product looks something like this.  (Refrigerate to set.)

Cornflake Wreaths Never Looked So Good


Mike and I were really tired after it was all over.  This is the last of the parties we are hosting at our house this Christmas season, however, I will be having 6 more smaller parties in my various classes at school this week. 

We’ll be doing all sorts of crazy things like making gingerbread houses, dressing each other up as “Frosty the Snowman” using toilet paper, frosting cookies, and playing limbo to Christmas music.  I hope to also be able to share the Christmas story in many of these classes as well. 

Thank you to Robin & Christina for the great party ideas you gave me!  (Incidentally, I decided not to use the “Eggnog Drinking Contest” with my 7th grade boys.  I finally concluded that I want to leave the party still somewhat sane.)


I want to close with a reminder that Mike and I are missing our family and f riends back home during this Christmas season.  We think of you often, and love you very much!  Take care and we’ll be blogging more soon!

Mike & Jen At X-Mas Party

(Mike & Jen at a recent holiday gathering)