Harvest Blessings…. and More Blessings….

by | Nov 29, 2006 | Cooking, Jen

When you picture a harvest cornucopia, what’s inside?


Apples, grapes, bananas, pumpkins, corn, wheat?  That’s what I used to think too — until experiencing harvest in Funehiki!

This year, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of…


You guessed it — cabbages.  Big foot-long cabbages.


And radishes.  Big two foot long, four-inch diameter radishes.

These crops are here in abundance.  Our friends and neighbors think we love cabbages and radishes.  They give them as gifts here.  Like you might give someone a cake, or a book, or a wreath.  You give them a cabbage. Or a radish.  Or maybe both.

So far this fall, we have received eight cabbages.  And five radishes.  So far this fall, we have eaten cabbage soup, cabbage cream stew, cabbage slaws of various types, radish pickles, radish salad, another kind of radish salad, curried radish, radish soup, and not to ever be forgotten, radish cake.

More recipe ideas are always welcome.  We still have six heads of cabbage left.  And one radish.

Here is a bonus picture.  Mike and I at our team Thanksgiving dinner.  Only one thing on our plate contains cabbage.  Can you guess which one?!  Winner gets a radish.

Thanksgiving in Japan

Still enjoying the adventure.

P.S. Lesson learned.  Never compliment a Japanese farmer pushing a wheelbarrow full of cabbages on his wonderful produce.  Or he will instantly select the plumpest, leafiest one for you as a gift.  No kidding.



  1. carrieteacher

    Ooo. ooo. Pick me teacher! i know which one has cabbage in it…………

    But I’m not telling, cuz I don’t want a radish. :0)

  2. Horisensei
    Lookin’ forward to that cabbage salad tomorrow = )