Some Very Encouraging Updates

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Naomi Grace

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 days since our last update. Thank you to all of you who have remained faithful in prayer even when updates have been few!

Naomi has been doing extraordinarily well on a number of important fronts. Her feedings have been steadily increased, and as a result she is gaining weight—an important development indeed! Her respirator settings have gradually been turned down to the point where she is essentially taking her own breaths with minimal support from the machine. We are blown away by how fast she seems to be passing these little milestones; even one of her doctors commented yesterday that she has done better than any of them expected!

We give all credit and praise to God, who has heard our prayers and seen fit to act in these truly amazing ways! She remains small and frail, and is still afflicted with a severely life-limiting disorder, but her recent progress is unmistakable evidence of the grace of God at work in her.

Please continue to pray for Naomi, and for us as well. It is so easy to start imagining all the horrible things that could go wrong, and to be consumed with dread and worry about the eventual outcome of her disorder. But Jesus is teaching us to completely let go of the future and simply lean hard on Him for strength each day. He has not given us our lifetime’s supply of grace all up front, but instead has promised to give us the strength and hope we need to face each day as it comes. How amazing is it that Jesus Himself is the daily bread that He instructed us to pray for…

Anyway, thank you as always for your prayers and messages of encouragement. Naomi thanks you too, in her own way. 🙂 Please keep praying, because God is listening!