Some Bad News, But Some Really Good News

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Naomi Grace

Time for another Naomi Grace update! There is some bad news, but some really good news as well:

The bad news (which really isn’t news to us) is that further DNA testing has revealed that Naomi does indeed have “full” Trisomy 18. There are 2 other varieties of trisomy 18 (mosaiac and partial) that are less deadly, but much rarer. This makes her overall chances worse, but highlights her recent improvements as being quite unusual, and thus very strong evidence of God’s work in her life.

The good news is that the open blood vessel in her chest (the ductus arteriosis) has closed on its own! This is a direct answer to a specific prayer, and is very exciting because it means she doesn’t need surgery. Praise God! Plus, because of this change she can tolerate having a fuller belly, so her feedings have been increased in size again. We cannot thank you enough for lifting this request up to God–He heard you, and has seen fit to say “Yes!”

Finally, as of today Mike has officially returned to work. It will be a real challenge to balance life and work from here on out, to be helpful to Jen and the boys while also providing for the family doing work that he loves. Please pray that Mike (and our whole family) would be able to strike that balance that is right for us, and to do so without comparing ourselves to others who aren’t in our same situation. And pray that Naomi would be able to just feed and gain weight in preparation for her future surgeries (Lord willing).

We say this every time, but we mean it: thank you for praying! Don’t stop now, because God is working, and in His amazing providence you are a key part of it. Praise Him!

Naomi Smiling