Naomi’s Two Week Update

by | Apr 19, 2015 | Naomi Grace


Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Naomi has been doing well overall, so much so that I (Mike) was able to attend a Christian Men’s Retreat this weekend. It was hard being away, but incredibly encouraging and a much-needed recharge.

Naomi’s doses of breast milk (through her feeding tube) have been increased twice, which is good. She has also recently had a PICC line added, which will be necessary for the long-term IV access we will need to keep her as healthy as possible. So far she seems to be reacting well to both changes–a big praise!

Naomi has a blood vessel just above her heart that has not properly closed (the ductus arteriosus for those interested) and is pumping too much blood into her lungs. There is some evidence that it may be narrowing, but it its still large enough to require surgery. However, her intestines are positioned such that the surgery may not be possible at this time. Please pray that this blood vessel would close on its own as it was designed to do, and for wisdom in knowing what we should do if it does not!

Thank you all for standing alongside Naomi in prayer. She may not know it yet, but she is surrounded by thousands of people who love her and are storming the gates of heaven on her behalf! May God, who alone can answer prayer, be pleased to hear and act according to His good purpose!