Naomi’s Special Day

by | May 18, 2015 | Holidays/Special Events, Naomi Grace

Today is Naomi’s six-week birthday! We truly thank God for every single day of this bittersweet journey with our precious and beloved daughter.

This week has been one of gradual decline. While there have been no major medical crises, there has also not been much improvement, which seems to indicate that Naomi’s remaining time will be short. Because of this, Jen and I have been taking turns spending some nights at the hospital so that we can hold Naomi and be near to her. While each step downward is sad and hard to take, overall we cannot deny our gratitude that she is still here. Every day with her is a blessing, and we want her remaining time with us to be comfortable and happy.

And indeed, last week we had one of the happiest days of our lives! With the help of the amazing doctors and NICU nurses, we had the privilege of being able to take Naomi outside for the first time. It took a LOT of special equipment and medical know-how, but thanks to all their efforts Naomi got to relax in our arms, soak up some rays, and meet her brothers as we celebrated her 5-week birthday! We had party hats, cake, and (thanks to one of the nurses who came in on her day off) brand-new kites for each of our boys!

We will always cherish the memory of this special day. And thanks to the generosity of Lindsay Anne Dransfield of LA Birdie Photography, we can share our joy through her amazing photographs! (Scroll down to the bottom to see just a few.)

Thank you all for praying for Naomi and for us. We continue to ask that you pray not simply for health and life, but that God would be glorified through her life. May little Naomi—who cannot walk, talk, or even breath on her own—be a testimony to the eternal, unfathomable, undying goodness of our loving and compassionate God! May He get the glory, now and forevermore!