This past Monday, the kindergarten where I sometimes teach English held their annual graduation ceremony.  The day found me reflecting wistfully on my own childhood.  My own Kindergarten photo is below.  Can you tell where I am? (Incidentally, I think you can click on the image to see an enlarged copy.)

Jen's Kindergarten Class

If memory serves me correctly, my own passage from Kindergarten to first grade was fairly mundane — no special ceremonies or over-the-top celebrations.

However, true to form, the Kindergarten where I work pulls out all the stops for events like this.  It’s really impossible to convey how impressive this event is.  It’s one of those “you had to be there” moments.  I took the best of my video footage and snapshots to put together a 5-minute video of the event from my perspective.  I’m really thrilled at how it turned out, since it’s my first experience with video-editing.  (Of course I had a good teacher in my husband!)


Mike says it’s a “tear-jerker”… at any rate, it’s really cute.  Incidentally, if you get a chance to view the video, please pay attention to the large group chant.  I’m not kidding when I say the students were doing this for 10-15 minutes straight!  I recorded the entire portion that they spoke in English, since it was directed to my co-workers and I and was particularly touching.  Enjoy!