He is Risen! (He is risen indeed!)

by | Apr 8, 2007 | Devotion, Faith, Holidays/Special Events

Happy Easterfrom Japan!!!

This morning we celebrate the ressurection of the Lord, who suffered, died, was buried, and then on the third day rose again–and all for us!

Trees on Easter Morning

This morning, our whole team gathered at 6 am, walked to the top of a big hill, and had a time of worship, Scripture reading, and prayer. We all prayed that there would be many here in Funehiki that would come to know the good news of the gospel, and could experience with us the joy of Easter morning. May God bless your hearts with joyful confidence in the salvation that Christ has opened for all of us.

He is risen!

-Mike & Jen


  1. kireinahana

    Yes, He has!  (That works too) 

  2. carrieteacher

    He has risen ideed!

    Glad we could share the morning together.

  3. pstrhange
    He has risen indeed, Alleluia! What a great way to bring in the Easter morning. Hannah and I talk to Encho Sensei tonight!