Graduation, Here I Come!

by | May 2, 2006 | Graduation

Three more weeks!!! Three more weeks!!!

It’s May 1st, and that means that in three short weeks, I will be no longer be an undergraduate student, but a fully graduated alumnus of the University of Maryland. Incredible!!! It’s hard to believe, especially since I’ve been a student for the last 5 years. It’ll be quite the lifestyle change, that’s for sure. I’d better party now while I have the chance, eh??? 🙂

But even more than the lifestyle change, it’s going to be a mental and emotional change for me. This graduation represents my greatest victory yet, my life’s most significant accomplishment so far, so it’s definitely worth celebrating. And yet, it’s only the start of my life’s work. A good part of the foundation has just been laid, which is great. But there’s more foundation-work to be done. Only once that is fully accomplished can the true building begin.

Of course, I would be a dunce and a fool if I did not give all the glory to God , who gives the runner his legs, the scholar his brain, and the worker his hands. He has equipped me and enabled me to succeed, so while the work was indeed mine, the glory is all His. Graduation may only be a crown of laurels, but it’s worth casting at His feet. He is worthy of all my crowns, all my glory. That’s the deal, after all: we get the grace, He gets the glory. Amen?

I think I’ll practice my hat-tossing technique now, so when the day comes I can send that thing into orbit!!! Graduation, here I come! Whoooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. bhlaws
    Great words! Amen and amen!
  2. davideous
    Props! Way to go Costanzanatah!