Good News on Naomi’s One Week Birthday

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Naomi Grace

Good news today: Naomi has been fairly stable this weekend, so today she finally had a feeding tube surgically inserted into her tummy (since she can’t swallow anything). Sometimes even a simple surgery like this can be a problem with premature babies, but by God’s grace everything went well.

Assuming all goes well, in a few days they are hoping to check and see if her lower gastrointestinal system is working as it should, and if so, to start feeding her breast milk as soon as it is safe. Please pray that she would remain stable, that her intestines (and everything else) would work as they should, and that she would be able to be fed breast milk as soon as possible!

Also, we found out today that Naomi’s heart is unusually healthy for someone with her diagnosis. That information is in no way a guarantee of a positive outcome, but rather an evidence of God’s sovereign power in her life. Please continue to pray that she would live, and that God would get the glory!

Finally, we wanted to say thank you again to everyone for all their support. We wish we could thank you all individually, but then we would have no time for sleep. smile emoticon Just know that we read each and every one of your comments, emails, and messages, and we appreciate you standing with us in prayer for our precious little girl!

Love, Mike & Jen