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by | Dec 2, 2006 | Day-to-Day, Jen

Some of you have asked us if there are things from America that we miss having here in Japan.  There are a lot of things that we can find here — especially since there is a foreign-food store in a nearby city.  However, there are still a few things we haven’t found here, or that are difficult to get a hold of.  We came up with a little list of the things that we miss the most here in Japan.

   White Cheddar Cheeze-its: Jen’s all-time favorite salty snack-food

   Fritos: Mike’s favorite snack-food

   Graham Crackers: We love them dipped in hot cocoa in the winter, or made into chocolate/marshmallow s’mores in the summer-time.

   Herbal Tea: Of course we love the green tea here, but most of the teas available here seem to be caffeinated.

   Microwave Popcorn: We have a microwave.  We like popcorn.

   Fajita Seasoning: We found taco seasoning here, but no luck on the fajita seasoning. 

   Splenda: Jen likes it in her coffee.

   Dove Dark Chocolates: Yum.

   Waxed Dental Floss: Regular dental floss is really expensive here.  Mike prefers waxed, and we haven’t found that yet.  Besides, flossing is really important.  You can never have too much dental floss. 

American Television on DVDs or videos:

We like Star Trek the Next Generation, or anything Trekish, cozy British mystery shows that have happy endings, Trading Spaces/While You Were Outish shows (or anything fun looking from TLC/Food Network).

Hope this helps guys!  Thanks for asking!

-Mike & Jen


  1. ra1153
    A great resource here in Japan is the Foreign buyers club- you can buy online and have it shipped to you. Some things you can buy by single package, but others you buy in bulk- but with all of those teachers you work with, you all could split some stuff you like. We have not ordered anything yet, but know many who have. the website!

    Let us know if you want to come for a visit.
    Rebecca Dingle

  2. pstrhange
    Dental floss????? Really???? You have a chance to ask for anything dental floss makes the list, crazy. : )
    Nice pics.  Let’s organize a list so that we don’t all end up sending the same thing.  I’d be happy to “coordinate” since that’s my job!  HEHE.  Who all do you think would be interested in sending you guys stuff?   Anyone reading this who wants to be involved, email me at [email protected]
  4. bmikeyc
    I remember the sting of missing TV in my life. I think of that every time I see something new that could have helped us out when Marie and I were in Japan. Did you know all the major American Networks Archive thier newest shows on their websites? itunes and amazon are also selling TV (including the star trek series’…i’m a HUGE trekie too!). Happy Watching!