Final finals and the last big push

by | May 14, 2006 | Graduation

So close, and yet so far…

That’s how I’m feeling right now about school. My graduation is just over 1 week away, and I’m in the midst of studying for my final finals right now. On the one hand, I’m stoked and excited; on the other, I do NOT want to be studying. It’s the last thing on my heart right now. I mean, can’t I just coast into the finish line??? Do I have to keep running???

I mean for cryin’ out loud, I’ve got my gown, cap, tassel, stole, and everything all ready to go; I’ve got a great job waiting for me in Japan (which I can’t wait to start!!!), I’ve got my diploma on order and probably being made as we speak; I’ve even got my Alumni Association card in my wallet!!! In my heart as well as in all these things I’ve moved on already.

So what’s the deal with still having to study??? It’s not like I need to get good grades anymore or anything; I just need to make sure I don’t fail any of my classes. There is some motivation there, but I’m not at any risk of failing (I don’t believe). But on the other hand, it’s only five days until Wednesday (my final final). If I was able to work hard for five years, then I can put in five more days of hard work.

So, here I am, staring down the last stretch. The goal is in sight; that thin white line lies etched on the pavement, beckoning me; and a bright red ribbon is suspended over it, fluttering excitedly, waiting for the moment that the runner breaks through in triumph. Alright, it’s time to do this! I check my tennis shoes; they’re good to go. I stretch out the last remnants of fatigue from my tired muscles, and feel vitality beginning to course through my veins once more.  It’s time . Time to set my gaze upon the goal, crouch down and chamber up, and launch towards that line and that ribbon with all I’ve got. I’m ready, and I’m set.

Let’s do this.




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  1. hopenafuture
    You can do it! Gonbare kudasai!

    Looking forward to seeing yall here in a couple months.