SPECIAL REPORT: Extra-Credit Engrish

by | Dec 27, 2006 | Engrish

Many of you have commented that you enjoyed our post on “Engrish” earlier this month, so I figured I would add another quick note of cross-linguistic joviality while I have the time. Enjoy!

Just two things today…

Engrish sweatshirt

First, this is my new favorite sweatshirt, and possibly the funniest piece of clothing I own to date. The main text says, ” New Round Glory ’76.” North-South Positive Vibes.” Local Stage.” “This Store Is Here To The Effective Place To The Minute Place A Mind.” And as mysterious as that is, the text around the seal in the middle says, “Was Discovered New Something,” and the text itself says, “Stop The Oregon. Let’s Walk To That Town By Yourself.” Wow. I’ve always thought that Oregon needed to be stopped, so it’s about time that some activism got off the ground. And as for walking to that town by yourself, let’s all go together!

Engrish recipie

And secondly, for those of you who have always wondered how to make miso soup, here’s how:

1. The hot water is boiled.

2. It is a tool, a bonito and the miso is put.

3. It shuts off the heat when boiling.


Yes, it’s that easy. Wasn’t it thoughtful of that Japanese person to translate the directions for all of us? Now we too can enjoy the completion of a bowl of home-completed miso soup. Yum.

Job security, job security…