Author: Mike Costanzo

Naomi’s Baptism

This post is eight days overdue, and for that we apologize, but we wanted to share some happy news as well. It is our great pleasure to announce that on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015, Naomi Grace Costanzo was baptized into the church of Jesus Christ. Pastor Roth Reason of Redeemer OPC conducted a touching and God-glorifying ceremony, baptizing her into the name of our triune God. It was a truly amazing experience, set apart and specially blessed by a unique outpouring of God’s presence and blessing. We know that baptism cannot and will not save Naomi’s soul—only Jesus Himself...

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Naomi At 5 Weeks—Barely Holding On

Our dear family and friends, Today is Naomi’s 5 week birthday. Sadly, this past week she has had some major setbacks, and the past 24 hours have been especially bad. Due to a leaky feeding tube and other problems she has lost a lot of weight over the last number of days, and now weighs less than she did when she was born. This is a big problem, since her weight is a foundational indicator of her overall health. The longer she stays small, the less we can do for her. But perhaps even worse is the change in her respiratory state. As of last night her lungs were not inflating properly (if at all), so her respirator pressure settings were dialed up a notch. But that simply caused her left lung to over-inflate, pushing her heart and right lung out of place. Her settings have since been returned to where they were before, but unless something changes for the better, this will likely not help much. It may be that there is no longer a respirator setting that will work for her; if that is the case, we will soon be unable to help her breathe on her own. No one knows for sure, but both Jen and I feel that Naomi may be nearing the end of her journey here on earth. We are leaning hard on...

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Happy 4 Week Birthday, Naomi!

Naomi is four weeks old today! We are so proud of her for making it this far, and grateful to our God for this incredible mercy. He is good! Thanks to all of you who prayed about Naomi’s feeding tube—it has been getting steady use for the last few days. And while the site of the tube itself has been a bit irritated and slow to heal, she has nevertheless been steadily gaining weight! She now weighs in at 2 lbs 6.5 ounces, which is the most she has ever weighed, although she still weighs less than a third of any of our other children when they were born. Please continue to pray that she will bulk up, fill out, and gain weight like babies are supposed to do! In other news, Naomi has started wearing clothes! At this point she can only wear hospital gowns that are specially engineered for micro-preemies, but it is the first step toward her being able to maintain her own body temperature. It’s strange to see her wrapped in blankets and a standard-issue green gown, but it’s a good kind of strange. ūüôā Lastly, we want to let you all know how much your various gifts of love and encouragement have meant to us over these last four weeks. We have been amazed and deeply humbled at the abundant outpouring of generosity and...

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Naomi’s Three And A Half¬†Week Update

Held Together by God’s Grace Overall,¬†Naomi has been doing quite well, but there have also been some slightly discouraging¬†setbacks. Up until a few days ago, her feedings had been steadily increasing; however, her feeding tube recently came out, and although it was successfully reinserted yesterday, it is not yet able to be used. Please pray that Naomi would soon be able to resume feeding and gain back the weight she has lost. Likewise, two days ago¬†her respirator settings were gradually turned down to the point where she was essentially taking her own breaths with minimal support from the machine. However, she was not able to maintain that pace for long, and is currently relying on the machine to a smaller degree. This is progress, so we are grateful, but we are still¬†praying that she would be able to one day breathe on her own. In all of this we praise God. She remains small and frail, and each setback is a trial, but her overall progress is unmistakable evidence of the grace of God at work in her. And for that we are grateful. Our Family: Fatigued, but Believing As for us, we’re still settling in for the long haul and getting used to this new pace of life. One thing we have not done well is make¬†sleep a priority, so fatigue is starting to set in. In addition,...

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Some Very Encouraging Updates

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 days since our last update. Thank you to all of you who have remained faithful in prayer even when updates have been few! Naomi has been doing extraordinarily well on a number of important fronts. Her feedings have been steadily increased, and as a result she is gaining weight—an important development indeed! Her respirator settings have gradually been turned down to the point where she is essentially taking her own breaths with minimal support from the machine. We are blown away by how fast she seems to be passing these little milestones; even one of her doctors commented yesterday that she has done better than any of them expected! We give all credit and praise to God, who has heard our prayers and seen fit to act in these truly amazing ways! She remains small and frail, and is still afflicted with a severely life-limiting disorder, but her recent progress is unmistakable evidence of the grace of God at work in her. Please continue to pray for Naomi, and for us as well. It is so easy to start imagining all the horrible things that could go wrong, and to be consumed with dread and worry about the eventual outcome of her disorder. But Jesus is teaching us to completely let go of the future and simply lean hard on Him...

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